[Review] Immortal Essential Intense Pink Lip

Today I want to give a flash review about lipcare that I've tried this last few days. 
And here's some snapshot about the product ;)

Product Info
Name : Immortal - Essential Intense Pink Lip
Price : Rp. 75.000
It claimed that it can make your lips healthier with extra moisturizer that can make your lips moist and also protect your lips from dryness and cracked.

With chamomile, ginkgo biloba extract, and other active ingredients, it gives you vitamins to reduce the darker lips, caused by negative effect of the sun, used of mercury which can possibly contained at previous lipstick usage, or because genetic reason. It can also moisture your lips and give a natural pink lips. This Immortal Essential Pink Lip also contained vitamin E and collagen to make your lips more supple.

How to use

Apply Immortal to lip, wait 1 - 2 secs it will automatically turn into natural pink at your lips. Not sticky like lipstick and not give a wet look like lipgloss.


The Packaging

It came with cylinder tube with applicator at the edge which can used for applied to all over the lips. Just push a bit, and the lotion will come over and ready to spread at the lips. 


The texture it self more likely like a lotion. And it has no scent. So it'll be safe for you which have an allergic to some scent of cosmetics.

The lotion became transparent when I started to applied it at my skin, and will turn into pink immediately in a sec.

And here's what it looks like when I used it at my lips.

Bare lips

After usage

After a few seconds, the lips it self started to get pink, and yes it does give an extra moist like a lipgloss but not give a dramatic wet look like a lipgloss does.


Unfortunately it turn dried at my lip after a few hours of usage, leaves a dry and a lip-crack at my lips like a liptint. Though it was not too cracked like a liptint does, but I expected more from this Immortal cause it claimed that this lipgloss (or should I say lip-lotion) can give extra moisture to my dry lips, and it just happened for a first hour.

Rating : 6 out of 10
Repurchase : nope

The result may different to a different user, and I think that this lip-lotion more suitable for those who didn't have a very-dry-lips like mine. Cause it does moist and gives a color like a lipstaint or liptint so will be enough for you who like a lipgloss look with a touch of pinkish lip like a liptint do without a wet-heavy-feel at the lips.