[Review] Mustika Ratu - Peeling Mundisari

So here's the first product that I've been regularly used this day, a peeling mundisari by Mustika Ratu. And here's the review of mine ;)


This mundisari peeling comes up with the tube packaging with a green label at the front and the back, quite simple with the white as the main color of the tube. I bought the 60g size. This kind of packaging (upside down with the opener at the bottom) allows you to just simply squeeze the tube and the peeling it self will come out without extra power.

How to use

Quote from the back of the tube,
Apply onto face and neck, avoid the eye area. Leave it on untill half dries then gently rub off the powder. Rinse with the water. Use regularly twice a week for best result.
I personally used it everyday to remove the dead skin on my face. I need to get rid that hyper-pigmentation skin on my face and also the black spot! Yeah I know  that would be better to use it according to the direction of use -twice a week- I just can't stand it to rubbing my face everyday -_-

The Benefits

Copy from the label of back tube,
With murraya exotica leaves extract that helps soften the skin, while its Fenugreek extract and curcuma heyneana powder help exfoliate dead skin cells and dirt off the skin.

The texture it self looks like a cream with a beads to exfoliate dead skin and dirt. A little thick one, but pretty easy to applied at the skin. When the first time I applied it to my skin, I found this mundisari peeling was too harsh for my skin.

Then I applied it all over my face, leave it half-dried. Then I found that beads-cream start to dried it self, leaving a white cast on my face, and I think its time to rubbing it all over my face. 

My hand look pretty brighter then before right, and you can also see the beads but  it getting smaller. So, lets rinse it.

Taddaaaa, this is the result of mundisari peeling used at my hand, compare to my other hand (photo below) that not using this peeling, it sry a bit lighter I guess, and my skin feels getting smoother also, by the way the scent is more likely like a baby powder for me.


• Rating : 6 out of 10
• Repurchase : mmm, maybe I want to try a different peeling cream first.
• Price : less than Rp 10.000

Even that I like the final result, but the process it self not really fun cause it feels a bit hurt (I rub it too hard at my face). But considering the price, yes, it is a good product with affordable price. I guess I'll keep using it everyday untill i found a new peeling cream. Keep searching ;)