First Post (let this skin-journey begin)!

So, first post!

Slightly a bit late to start a new blog I guess, but just can't help to write my own-personally-journey to make my skin back to normal again. Suffering a hyper-pigmented skin which I got back when I didn't care about my healthy skin. And todaayyy just realizing that my skin now got even worrseee than ever ever and ever *cry*.

A perfect combo from a regular air conditioning exposure everyday night and day, a none-used of a skincare such as sunblock, moisturizer or even a face powder, and also go traveled to a sunny place without any protection at my skin, successfully made my skin feels extra-dehydrate, really dry and feels so rough. Rrrgghhh, too late to realize actually, but hey better late than never, right?

Therefore, I intentionally want to try some products, a skin care for moisturizing my skin and also some whitening products to make my skin brighter and write down a review about it, just in case I wanna know about the progress that I've been through (good luck to my self-shake hand). So, just lets start this (extra struggling) journey! :D