Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink, the Lip Ink that I hated to loved~

Actually I like the idea of it (where it can SUPER STAY on your lips for 16hours), but yeah, I gotta say there's something I don't like about this lip 'ink'.


I chose the shade no. 15 (Lover) at the very beginning, I didn't have a glance to swatch it in real life cause the tester at the counter apparently empty -like my soul-. So I bought it based on the swatches at the internet, and when I tried it (of course after I paid for it) it turned  out that I didn't like the colour! Sad.

Based on the swatches I saw, it should be a beautiful pink-mauve colour, but in real life it is a mauve with a strong hint of muted purple and didn't match with my warm yellow based fair to medium (nc 25-30) skin tone. That's why you really can't rely on the swatches on the net, I knew it but always kinda trap for it. Lyfe~

Then, karena gw anaknya sepenasaran itu I bought another two, shade no. 65 (Seductress) and no. 10 (Dreamer). And thank God I like it! It suits me better.

What I don't really like about this super stay is it kinda tacky for my lips, even after a few hours of usage, I still can fell the tackiness, tho I must say because the colour is luvv, then ya gw maklumin (maklumin juga soalnya ya gw udah beli HAHAHA).

The Seductress suits my lips well, it has a nude-brownish colour but not to brown, but it is brown. HAHAHA. I don't know how to describe it but yeah I got a swatches for you!

From top to bottom 65, 10, 15

Intinya ni si seductress ini jd kaya mlbb colour gt but turn out ini slightly kurang pink d gw, too brown-ish. Soo untuk nge-reduce si brown-nya I added the number 10 - Lover.

Lover on my lips looks too pale! Sigh. It is a pale bright pink that too bright for my skintone. But I mix it up abit with Seductrees and voila, daily mlbb colour that doesn't easily fade-out on my lips. Purrfeectt ❤️.

This lip-ink itself isn't the lightest lip colour that I have try, frankly said it is not the most comfortable lip colour ever, tapi ya ini emang salah satu lip-colour yg ter SUPER STAY sih, once it set on your lips it doesn't budge nor go anywhere.

Yes it gotta super stay on your lips until 16 hours or even more, but with a few conditions~

The first one is how to apply it,
Put a light layer on your lips, jangan dikatupkan (((katup))), ya jangan disatuin dulu bibirnya pokoknya, kl gw abis satu layer tipis, langsung diratain pake jari. Kl udah nge-set JANGAN DITAMBAH LAGI (nge-gas) nanti jadi jelek asli.

Kalo mau campur dua warna, langsung apply satu layer, lanjut layer warna lain baru diratain. Then you all set.

The second of all, JANGAN MAKAN, I repeat, JANGAN MAKAN :))))

This lip colour indeed gotta super stay on your lips but you aren't allowed to eat. Apalagi yang berminyak. Once you eat oily food then bye it's gone.

Jeleknya, bubarnya tuh di tengahnya aja, di inner lipsnya aja, di outernya masih ada, kebayang ga si, mana ngapusnya susah, dilayer ngegumpal. Die.

Ini shade 15. Grepes~

Atau kalo mau pake ini pas acara makan2, pertama makesure lo bawa remover :))) atau ya pake ke acara makan syantik aja. Jangan yg barbar kaya nasi padang atau seblak. Bubar udah.

You can remove it easily with oil based make up remover, kl cuma pake yg semacam micellar water then you have to go a few rounds to make it move from your lips.


***The end***

Oh btw I end up using no. 10 the Dreamer as a blushed on top of foundation/bb/cc cream, kl pake base dulu apusnya ga susah ko, beda kl bare skin kaya si emblot.

Ga ilang2 dua hari udah digosok pake sabun juga. Akhirnya rontok sama baby oil. I still don't know what to do with 15. Maybe I'll found out later~