A Little Miracle in a Bottle (?); Bio Beauty Lab - Healing Facial Oil Serum. [PART 1]

Disclaimer: this post is should be up on 7 July 2019, but it looks like I forget it, I think letting this post sitting in my draft would be a waste, so here it is, the review of Bio Beauty Lab - Part 1. No photos cause I am such a lazy a**, pictures would be added soon, IF I feel like it.

After last lebaran holiday, my skin was became soo angry with me, didn't properly taking a good care of my skin was obviously a real bummer, there was active pimples here and there, a lot of little pimples (or we called bruntusan here at +62) at my forehead and my cheek, and later on it lead my face to a total mess, cry..

First thing I remembered was I changed my facial wash because I was running out of my usual face wash - Hadalabo Gokujyun Face Wash (click here for the review) to any face wash that I could find at minimarket. and it only took two weeks and a bit more to break out my face. and also-my bad- I feel so lazy to cleaned my face even after a long make-up day before, and then here I am.

To treat my active acne, I was used tretinoin aka retinoic acid (vitacid 0,025%), it dried my acne in the next day, but it stop there after 5 days or so, it just keep making the skin around my acne to dry and drier without even healing my real acne. so, I try to find another acne healing product all over internet and instagram, and then I remember Bio Beauty Lab, after I read a lot of good reviews about it, finally I convinced my self to ordered it.

I used it right away at the night I received it hoping for the best, and the next day my 2weeks acne that sitting right on my left cheek is calming down. That was sure looked like a great start. So I continued using it for 3 days straight, day and night. But then, I see a new pimple on my right cheek, it's red and hurt but the next day it was calmed down by her self like it is really sooth her overnight.

So I used it again in the morning in day 4, then the big-red-hurt acne showing up (again) in the next day, so I got 2 new acnes since I am using it. I wondered, is it because the face oil, is it because it contains essential oils, that some people believe is a triggered for a sensitive skin (?)

Then I remembered the day I used the face oil, this time I used my toner that contain a galactomyces before, the toner that even myself have always questioning about. Because when ever I used it -after a long break-, I always had a big red acne the next day. But nevertheless I keep using it anyway, ha ha -_-

So I stopped the toner, and because I am not willing to give up on this oil, I continued to use it in the next day.


I really didn't want to give up on this oil, so I suspected my face wash, instead of using my regular Hadalabo, I used Clean and Clear facial wash that contain salicylic acid at the night. I think that this one is the triggered, so at day 5, I stop it and keep my routine simple; wash my face with my one and only Hadalabo, and then I applied the oil and that's it.

As much as I enjoyed the minimal skincare routine for my face, actually I missed my longer routine very much, but for the sake of the curiosity and a hope, I hold my self to put another skincare and give it a go for another round, another week, another month.

And I finally see the light of hope of this oil. uwu.